"Allstar" Electric Mini Rotary Cutter

Cordless Heavy Duty Rotary Cutter

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Heavy-Duty Portable, Battery Operated Rotary Cutter. Complete With Heavy Duty NiCad Battery Pack And Temperature Controlled Quick Charge Charger.

This cordless heavy duty electric shear works like a pair of hand shears only faster, cleaner and easier. This rechargeable cutter will chomp cleanly and quickly through layers of fabric, leather, vinyl, carpeting, and even fiberglass up to 12mm (1/2″) thick!

The 60mm ten-sided rotating blade works against a carbide-tipped stationary counter blade becomes a self-sharpening combination. The powerful brusheless motor is driven by a heavy-duty 9.6 volt nicad battery pack.

A one hour recharge can cut approximately 300 metres of cloth or 120 metres of carpet on a single charge. For continuous operation, keep a second battery in the charger.

Includes simple touch sharpener and automatic cutoff switch. Weighs only 1.2kg and is 290mm long.

Cuts the following materials:
Upholstery Fabrics, Drapery Fabrics, Apparel Fabrics, PVC, Foam, Rubber, Foam, Paper, Canvas, PVC, Insulation and Carpet.


- Powerful cutting motor with ergonomic balance makes it the most popular cutting tool used by all types of professionals.
- Ideal for carpeting, PVC, linoleum, foam, rubber, leather, cork, and textile fabrics with ease.
- 60mm 10 Sided rotary blade and carbide stationary blade are a self-sharpening combination.
- Powerful 9.6 volt Heavy Duty motor, powered by a rechargeable NiCad Battery Pack.
- Industrial, re-usable NiCad battery recharges in less than 1 hour.

Blade Size: 10-sided blade 60mm
Cutting Capacity: 12mm (1/2")
Voltage: 240V battery pack (Australian Plug)
Weight: 1.2kgs (with battery)

Separate Parts Available
TC-60-24 10-sided round knife 60mm dia
TC-60-18 Counter Knife (carbide tipped) assembly
TC-60-51 NiCad battery pack (9.6 VDC)
TC-60-52 Battery Charger 240V
TC-60-29 Sharpening Stone